uCentra® - The Internet of Things

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uCentra® - The Internet of Things

Connecting and collecting data is imperative to the Internet of Things (IoT) and serves as the foundation to the bigger purpose, which is utilizing the data from vastly disparate data sources inside and outside of a Utility. The uCentra® solution provides utilities with advanced data integration capabilities, advanced data analytics, consumer engagement and core operational data management capabilities to help maximize the benefits of SmartGrid and IoT solutions. uCentra® enables endpoints to be connected and controlled with bilateral data exchange in a convergence of vast technologies, data types, data protocols and data protocol versions. 

Big Data and the Internet of Things

uCentra® serves as a unified user interface for the Internet of Things. Event data management with powerful alerting and reporting capabilities are used in uCentra® to process and manage events from a broad range of IoT devices, such as outage detection, temperature, water pressure and fault detection sensors; smart meters (electric, water and gas); utility control house door and gate alarms; and back-office and operational systems including Customer Information, Mobile Workforce, Geographic Information, Outage Management, control and headend, SCADA, AMI/AMR, Energy Management; and other external data sources like G&T/JAA and weather feeds. 

uCentra® Operational and Customer Benefits:
  • Alerting of conditions that compromise safety and increase risk, such as transformer loading and voltage regulation 
  • Data exchange that enables efficient schedules for maintenance and repair activities 
  • Improves preventative maintenance capabilities preventing risky and expensive emergency repairs  
  • Improves quality of service and reduces cost of operation • Remotely manage resources, eliminating truck rolls  
  • Use data analytics to make decisions quickly 
  • Transforms the workforce to be more productive 
  • Optimize system resources to meet growth and high demand