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New from uCentra®

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ElectSolve released its 2015-2016 upgrade to uCentra® starting in the fall of 2015. Along with a refreshed user interface, customers will appreciate upgrades to reporting, downloads and other adjustments for fresh and enhanced performance!

Event Visualization Module moving from Beta to Production in 2016 – Viewing and managing field events layered onto distribution maps along with other events like AVL and outage has ElectSolve’s customers in the field more empowered and productive than ever!

Virtual Metering upgrade – Understanding load profiles from transformers and other meter grouping is even easier now with ElectSolve’s enhanced near real-time VMD functionality upgrade!

Transformer Load Analysis Module– Real-time events from ElectSolve’s new and improved TLA Module brings transformer analysis to a new level!

Voltage Analysis upgrade – A few more bells and whistles!