CentraVU Consumer Engagement Portal

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CentraVU Consumer Engagement Portal

CentraVU Customer Engagement

The uCentra Customer Engagement Module is an optional module that can be added to the uCentra Base system to allow Utility Customers to view and manage their service usage data online. This module allows customers to track their usage patterns more closely, review historical usage, review the effects of temperature on their utility costs, manage online budgets and gain much needed control over their ultimate cost for these services.

Business Case:

Before AMI, utility customers typically could monitor their usage on a monthly basis by viewing a once per month utility bill that included a meter reading and kWh total usage. Eventually many utilities included a one year billing history chart on the bill itself or through payment portals, however all were very limited and provided few tools for customers to truly manage their use of services. With AMI, making interval usage data available online, now customers can stay abreast of their usage, typically daily, so that they understand their usage patterns and are able to make adjustments to their consumption before the bill arrives.

The biggest benefit of having this functionality available to customers is that it lowers high bill complaints since customers understand more about their usage patterns. Customers are empowered and are able to set budgets and establish email or text alerting when budget thresholds are met and overrun so that they can adjust their consumption rate. Customers are more informed as to what effect different usage patterns have on the overall bill. Usage is graphed against temperature to illustrate how temperatures affect their bill as well.