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Telecom, Network, LAN, WAN and Infrastructure Services

We want to help you implement the best network and infrastructure solution possible to support your utility operations. We'll help you decide how many hours you need for certain disciplines (i.e. network technician, telecom analyst, router engineer, cable tech, etc) and we'll tailor a program to have those resources on site on the days and for the hours you need. We've found that this is the most economical way of getting the talent you need but only when you need it without having to hire or commit to long term contractor engagements.

Administering and maintaining utility infrastructure is a critical task that in many cases is under served simply because the on-staff talent is virtually non-existent in many municipal and cooperative utilities today. We have implemented and maintained networks for utilities and can do the same for you in an arrangement that will fit your needs and budget.

Scope of Services:

  • Cisco router configuration, management and support
  • Network cabling contracting and support services
  • Telecom Service negotiation and implementation services We'll manage your local and wide area network vendors. We'll provide provisioning services to keep you removed from the complications of service provisioning between the various telecom service providers necessary to implement and maintain an extended service network. (Frame Relay, ISDN, PRIs, etc...)
  • Co-location management services - We'll support and manage all co-located equipment. - i.e. web site servers and web enabled applications.
  • System Implementation and Integration Planning Services
  • Equipment installation services - Network access switches(ISP service), firewalls, network equipment racks, cabling trays etc...
  • Professional Staff Placement Services - We'll place staff on-site to assist your internal staff with day to day operations.