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ElectSolve’s AquaMessenger MDM Application Wins National Customer Service Award
Tuesday, Jun 08, 2010 1:00pm

ElectSolve’s AquaMessenger MDM Application Wins National Customer Service Award

June 8th, 2010 – AquaMessenger, a new ElectSolve MDM Application at Georgetown Utility Systems that sends AquaAlert emails to customers at pre-set water use levels, won the Innovation in Customer Service Award on May 27 at the CS Week convention in Nashville. The annual event includes utility and billing professionals from across the country.

AquaMessenger was launched system-wide this year after a three-month pilot in 2008 including 205 households. The pilot project showed that customers who received usage feedback at pre-set levels used 9 percent less water than customers who received no feedback. Based on the reduced peak demand on the City’s water production system over time, AquaMessenger will save a projected $161,000 per year in lower capital costs.

As an information resource to the AquaMessenger email system, a water conservation specialist is available to customers to help them re-set irrigation controllers, conduct an irrigation system assessment, and provide information about other ways to conserve water.

AquaAlerts are a free service from Georgetown Utility Systems. Customers may choose up to three AquaAlert levels. For example, a customer could receive AquaAlerts when monthly usage reaches 10,000 gallons, 15,000 gallons, and 19,000 gallons. AquaAlerts may not be available to all customers.


ElectSolve is a full service provider of technical, management and consulting services and technology platforms for Smart Grid control, monitoring and automation. Since 1999, ElectSolve has helped electric, water and gas utilities maximize the return on their technology investment dollars. ElectSolve’s flagship product, uCentra™ Operational Data Management System (ODMS), is a proven and vendor neutral next-generation meter data management system (MDMS) that provides an integration platform for AMI/AMR, CIS, SCADA, OMS, EA/GIS, demand response and distribution automation management systems. uCentra™ provides full 360-degree view of all operational data with centralized management, analysis, and reporting. For more information, visit: www.ElectSolve.com


ElectSolve is a Hometown Connections Partner. In affiliation with Hometown Connections, ElectSolve is delivering to public power systems the uCentra™ Operational Data Management System. ElectSolve integrates data from the systems of several vendors currently allied with Hometown Connections, including Elster, Milsoft Utility Solutions, Survalent Technology, Cogsdale, and N-Dimension Solutions. Along with improving utility operations, the ElectSolve system gives customers web-based tools to learn more about their energy use habits and lower costs.


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