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uCentra™ Meter Data Management (MDM)

The Meter Data Management (MDM) system is an integration platform specifically designed to interface to many disparate operational data collection systems such as: AMI, SCADA, CIS, OMS, etc. The MDM is a centralized data management solution for operational data management, analysis and reporting and provides a full 360-degree view of all operational data.   The MDM is fully interoperable with all collection systems, thereby allowing the MDM portal and dashboards to provide not only summary information, but the ability of the stakeholder to access granular information, such as a specific register value from a smart meter.  The MDM performs the critical functions of: data integration and normalization with CIS data; Data Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE); Time of Use (TOU); Aggregation/Settlement; Load Profiling; Loss Analysis Reporting System (LARS); and Data Storage and Management.

The web-browser-based Dashboards allow utilities to “park” operational data in various orientations and report formats on a user’s PC desktop for internal monitoring of operational statistics and business performance metrics. The dashboards are fully configurable and can be customized to display different performance indicators as identified by the end user. The standard Dashboard component boxes are displayed showing the number of: AMI and non-AMI meters, AMI meters reporting, meters with “Tamper” conditions, meters with “Error” conditions with hyperlinks from the MDM Dashboard component directly into the MDM Portal to view the specific meters not reporting or being reported but with suspect condition codes.

Provided that the meter is capable of collecting the information and the AMI system returns the necessary information for inclusion in the MDM, the MDM will provide and display outage notification, restoration notification, tamper information, hi/lo voltage indicators, etc from the AMI system in a Dashboard component box with hyperlinks from the MDM Dashboard component directly into the MDM Portal to view the specific meters experiencing or originating these conditions. From the MDM Portal, these suspect or non-reporting meters can be exported in PDF, EXCEL or can be EMAILED to a recipient list

The MDM Portal provides direct access to the central energy data repository. The server-side solution provides web-browser access and the ability to select an MDM point (meter, AMI module, customer, substation, etc) and to view point details, data collected from the point, alarms, alerts and error conditions and provides monitoring of general status of a point based on data processed into the MDM from downstream data collection systems where the operations data is collected.