Welcome to Electsolve

Utility IT Services & Support

ElectSolve's key service goal is to "fill the gap between the I/T staff your utility can afford and the staff you wish it could have".  ElectSolve solves this challenge by providing both on-site and off-site staff on a recurring fixed program to help support the I/T needs of your organization. We work together to determine how many hours you need for certain I/T resources and we tailor a program to have those resources on-site or remotely available on specific days and during the hours you need them to support your business operations.

Our resources will augment your existing staff and your staff will have the backing of an extended group of ElectSolve I/T resources available to them on a 24x7 basis.  We customize a service program that fits both your budget and your internal needs.

For example, if you only need a network administrator 2 days a week, a Cisco engineer for 1 day a month or a database analyst 4 days per month, we design a support program to meet your unique demands.  There is no requirement to engage in long-term 40-hours per week contracts.  We provide the services you need for the required number of hours required with no minimum.  We believe we can offer a valued service that will help your utility achieve its business goals and objectives.

Scope of Services:

  • Data operations and support resources

  • Computer Server maintenance and support resources

  • Desktop Computer maintenance and support resources

  • Router and telecom maintenance and support resources

  • AMI system operation, maintenance and support resources

  • Additional services available upon request