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Bolivar Energy Authority, TN - ElectSolve Customer Since 2011

“We chose ElectSolve based on recommendations of our colleagues in Columbia and Cleveland, Tennessee, who have been using the system for several months, as well as on the recommendation of our meter vendor, Elster. The cost of the ElectSolve system was also much lower than other systems we looked at; it’s definitely designed for smaller systems!”

John Fortune, President

City of Fountain, CO - ElectSolve Customer Since 2010

“In more than thirty years as an energy professional, I have never been as impressed by a software interface and data presentation. ElectSolve brings the data to life. It’s the hub-wheel concept, with ElectSolve collecting our data in one location, for the utility staff and our employees to access on demand.”

“From my perspective, ElectSolve’s capability offers so much more than delivering data from the head end of the AMI system to our billing department. ElectSolve’s web portal tool offers our customers and our customer service representatives the ability to view consumption information in a very precise and easy to understand manner.”

Tom Black, Smart Grid Project Manager

Columbia Power & Water System, TN - ElectSolve Customer Since 2009

“We wanted the best MDM software on the market. ElectSolve focuses on the public power and cooperative sectors. When working with their staff, it’s clear that ElectSolve knows our industry very well. Plus, their system integration software is comprehensive and very easy to use.”

“In the old days, we had very little data to go on when answering billing questions, we could only see if a meter was running on the day we read it. Now, while on the phone with customers, our CSRs can click on detailed information from the MDM system, which instantly pulls up usage data and the temperature range for every day. We can talk customers through why their usage may have been higher on certain days due to extreme heat. Or, we can help them understand that the billing for one month may be low because they were on vacation for a number of days. Overall, with our new AMI and MDM systems, we are much more confident in our billing accuracy and able to provide much better information to our customers.”
Charles Hunt, I/T Manager

“When a customer reports a voltage issue, we can create a schedule of interval voltage reads, to see what is happening over a period of time,” Burgess said. “It used to take two days to manually retrieve load profile reads and transfer the data from the meter software to an Excel spreadsheet. Now, using the Elster AMI system in conjunction with the meter data management (MDM) software from ElectSolve, we can setup and run interval reads as often as every 15 minutes to discern quickly what’s going on.”

Doug Burgess, Chief Engineer

City of Georgetown, TX - ElectSolve Customer Since 1999

“We want such capabilities as conducting daily meter reads and offering time-of-use rates. Therefore, to us, there is an absolute requirement to include meter and operational data management with our Elster AMI deployment. We cannot perceive of limiting our project to an AMI deployment alone, when ElectSolve can capture and present all utility data on dashboards and through web portals for the staff and customers to view and use.”

“Water conservation is big news here, and the Elster/ElectSolve package is one of the few able to integrate data from multiple utilities.” Leticia Zavala, Utility Office Manager

“We give the staff at ElectSolve an A+. We are continually amazed by their knowledge of our needs, as well as their project management approach. We will be required to run our old metering system, which is an amalgam of a fixed network and mobile applications, in parallel with our AMI system as we work through our meter upgrades. We trust ElectSolve to collect and present the data from our old and new systems simultaneously, without a hitch.”

Sandra Arnold, AMR/AMI System Operator