uCentra Integration Solutions

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uCentra Integration Solutions

uCentra Integration Solutions

Utility System Interoperability and Integration Framework

While ElectSolve has developed many Solutions for Utilities using the uCentra framework, mostly for use as an MDM/ODM solution, a core function of the platform is to provide for 3rd party systems integration and data translation.

Utilities are quite aware that the biggest issue today is not a shortage of technology available to them, but rather these technologies don’t talk to each other very well. Whether you are in Public Power, a Cooperative, an IOU, or a Wholesale Provider, integrating data from and between these disparate systems is the biggest challenge to maximizing the value of these technology investments.

The uCentra framework is an interoperability platform that solves this challenge. Even if a vendor application supports a standard like Multi-Speak or CIM, they typically don’t support all versions of these methods or variants developed by individual vendors but uCentra does.

uCentra’s Integration and Interoperability frameworks solves these challenges by delivering enterprise integration as well as supporting SOA including web service brokering and auditing functions that make on-boarding web services much easier for small to medium size utilities.

A benefit of deploying uCentra is that this solution can be deployed stand alone as an integration platform or included as part of a broader MDM/ODM deployment encompassing all the features and functions required to support AMI “meter to cash” functions and data analytics.